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SFM Marine has earned a reputation for high standards, fast turnaround and the capacity to take on large jobs that others turn down.

Boat refit, repair and upgrade.

With a dedicated project management team, we guarantee fast work, done well. SFM Marine’s services offer an outstanding return on investment.

Need to refit your commercial vessel for a new purpose, looking to repair damage to any part of your commercial vessel, or want to upgrade your technology or add marine protection?

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Oceaneer Marine has engaged [SFM Marine] since 1992 in many projects on many vessels from full vessel builds, extensive refits and modifications. At all times, the team … have been professional and the workmanship is of the highest quality.

Brad Arnup

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Maintenance and repair work done well. Choose superior service and convenient locations.


Clean Marina

All treatments used in our lift, launch and spray down services in Northport are recycled through a closed loop water treatment plant.



Northport is conveniently located at Rous Head, North Fremantle. It is easily accessible from Fremantle and adjacent areas in the western suburbs.

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