Boat Launch & Hauling

Conveniently positioned in North Fremantle, as well as Henderson, we offer lifting, haul and launch services for recreational vessels of all sizes.

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Book your boat launch and hauling up to 12 months in advance.

Looking for boat lifting near the Australian Maritime Complex in Henderson?

Boat launch and lifting in Fremantle at Rous Head Harbour.

With two lifters with the capacity of up to 200 tonne and a beam of 10 metres, our experienced lifters can lift most fishing boats, yachts, catamarans, tri-hulls and other vessels.

Want to book a boat lift?

Need haulage?

Looking for boat lifting near the Australian Maritime Complex in Henderson?

Looking for boat lifting in Rous Head Harbour Fremantle?

Boat lifting and launching in the Australian Maritime Complex, Henderson.

Looking to lift, launch or haul from further south? SFM Marine have lift and launch facilities within the Australian Maritime Complex in Henderson.

Our Henderson facilities have a 75 tonne boat lifting capacity.

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All treatments used in our lift, launch and spray down services in Northport are recycled through a closed loop water treatment plant.



Northport is conveniently located at Rous Head, North Fremantle. It is easily accessible from Fremantle and adjacent areas in the western suburbs.

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