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SFM Marine is Western Australia’s trusted lifting and marine maintenance team. We have decades of experience in leisure craft and commercial vessel repair, maintenance and storage.

Strategically located in North Fremantle and Henderson, Western Australia.

Why Choose SFM Marine.


High Quality
Full Service

Maintenance and repair work done well. Choose superior service and convenient locations.


Clean Marina

All treatments used in our lift, launch and spray down services in Northport are recycled through a closed loop water treatment plant.



Northport is conveniently located at Rous Head, North Fremantle. It is easily accessible from Fremantle and adjacent areas in the western suburbs.

I would just like to thank you all … for the excellent service once again. I have been singing your praises to all my marine industry friends. You have reinforced that with how we were treated today. Give Johnno a pat on the back for me. Rest assured I will be back.

Tina & James heart

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Preferred Location

Due to ongoing Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) requirements, only SFM personnel or SFM approved professional marine contractors are permitted to undertake preparation and application of antifoul painting, Propspeed application, paint preparation including sanding, any other marine painting, hot works or any sand blasting on site. Only SFM personnel are permitted to undertake water blasting.

Where does the name SFM Marine come from?

The inspiration for the name of our marine business, SFM Marine, comes from the shortfin mako shark. Streamlined yet powerful, the shortfin mako is distinctive in its agility, boldness and adeptness at navigating one of the most challenging environments on the planet. The shortfin mako is also the fastest shark in the sea, reaching speeds of 70km/h and travelling 20,000km in a single year. As a keystone species within a global ecosystem, this species uniquely encapsulates SFM Marine’s outlook.

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